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Camelot Body Care Plus offers tanning in the state-of-the-art SunItalia tanning beds, exclusive to our spa, giving us the edge over all other tanning services in town. Come in and 
find out what everyone is raving about! 

Tanning Special:
5 sessions for $80

5 tans in our beds is equal to 15-20 times in a traditional bed.

In our SunItalia beds, you tan faster, better, and safer than in  traditional tanning beds. 

  • 1/3 the burning power with UV filters for bad UVA 
  • 3 - 4 times the tanning power (getting tan in 3-4 sessions) 
  • Tan only 3 - 4 times per month to maintain your color in our Sunsport, once every 3 weeks with Saturn 
  • No back-to-back tanning (48hrs between tans required) 
  • Tan continues to develop even days after tanning 


These beds are the Cadillac of High Pressure beds! 

Sunsport Platinum

Experience a Platinum Massage and a High Pressure Tan! 20 minutes to look good and feel great! 

With this breathtaking, open design (no claustrophobia for even the most sensitive), adjustable control for each of the high pressure lamps (for a more comfortable tan for all skin types), and a contoured tanning surface, you are sure to be delighted by the comfort and the effectiveness of your 20 minute tan (10 minute maximum each side). 

Finally, a luxury feature that is sure to please - a built in body massage in the contoured mattress (offering the comfort of a mattress, not the cold, hard acrylic of a traditional bed). 


Get a deep, dark tan in no time at all. This stand up bed offers a cool, comfortable experience and a tan that lasts 2-3 weeks! And with NO tan lines! 

There is no door and plenty of space to move around. Offering four columns of special UV filtered lights and high-powered fans. 

Due to the intensity and the tanning power in this bed, the maximum tanning time is 10 minutes. 


We proudly offer high-quality tanning products from Designer Skin and Australian Gold, giving you the extra boost you need to establish a solid base tan more quickly. 

Our lotions and moisturizers are in the medium to high-end range due to the poor tanning outcome of lower end products (orange appearance) and those often bought online at bargain prices (many of which contain bacteria or have lost their tanning effectiveness). 

Samples are available for sale so you can find the product that works best for YOUR skin type. 

Proper eye protection must be worn at all times while tanning in the SunItalia beds. We offer several choices in eyewear, ranging from disposable VIEWkeepers to SoftPodz with 95% visibility and a key chain case (so you always have your goggles handy).

Want a Hollywood Smile in minutes? We offer an Advanced UV Teeth Whitening System that allows you to whiten your teeth WHILE you tan!